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Since his earliest days in business, Miles has lived by a set of values that has shaped the culture of Schnaer Family Wines and the way we do business.  These values include, honesty, respect and integrity.  Today, these values, together with our company’s vision and mission, serve as the directional compass that guides our business strategies and future growth. At Schnaer Family Wines, we want you to experience the difference of our small, family-owned business that provides delicious, award-winning, quality wines that are all hand-crafted.



Wine Enthusiast,

We are excited to offer you a selection of wines from Schnaer Family Wines.

Schnaer Family Wines partners with the Lady Hill Winery, in St. Paul, Oregon. Lady Hill is a True Northwest Winery, capturing the earth, the weather and the year in a bottle. Lady Hill is crafting wines that express the diverse character of the Pacific Northwest wine countries. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most exciting and dynamic wine regions in the New World. Lady Hill’s higher latitude means we get more sunlight than Napa Valley during the growing season and the coolness of our nights delivers dramatic diurnal shifts that allow grapes to naturally retain acidity and achieve fresh varietal character.

We invite you to try a glass and fall in love with Schnaer Family Wines.



Schnaer Family Wines




Schnaer Family Wines is produced through Lady Hill Winery in St. Paul, Oregon.  Our wines are distributed in Kansas, Missouri, and in Florida.


2015 Vernard 
Signature Release
Red Blend

Second Generation

2014 Miles
Second Generation
Bordeaux Blend

2015 Vernard
Signature Release
White Blend

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